Aug 22, 2016

How to Backup Your Android Mediatek ROM Using MTK Droid Tools On PC

mtk droid tools

To every owner of an Android Device, I would solely advise you to make a backup of your Stock ROM before you begin tinkering with your Phones system files.

A backup of your phone`s stock Rom would save you from the hassle of having your phone bricked or spoilt without repair, It would also enable you test Custom Roms with the assurance that you can still go back to your stock Rom with just some few clicks, It is also needful to make a backup of your Stock Rom if you want to use it to restore a Dead phone of same model.

Am going to teach you a simple method you would use to backup the Stock Rom of your Mediatek Android Phone with PC, This Method would involve the use of the popular Mediatek repair PC tool `MTK DROID TOOLS`.
It is a very safe method if done correctly.

A  PC with PDANET DRIVERs Installed ( check how the drivers are installed via this Link )
MTK Droid Tools
Rooted Phone With BusyBox

1. Enable USB debugging on phone
2. Install PDANET Drivers via this Link
3. Download and extract MTK Droid Tools zip file to a known location on your PC, Now double click on it`s .exe file and run it as adminstrator
4. Connect your phone and wait for it to be recognized by showing it`s Info on the MTK Apps Screen
5. Look at the bottom left corner of the the apps (MTK Droid Tools) screen and you should see a Green square that shows that the app has gotten Root access. If the square it`s yellow, then you have to click on the Root button to get root access.
6. Now from the apps main menu, goto the `Root,Backup,Recovery` Tab and click the backup button then wait while the app reads your phone`s data.
7. When the app has finished reading your phones data, a new window would pop up asking if you would like your backup file to be compressed to a zip file, You should click yes to that in order to save your storage space.
8. Wait while your Phone is backed up, You should get a Backup completed massage when it`s done.

You have now successfully made a backup of your Device`s Rom, you are now far away from losing your phone because you lost your Stock Rom.
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