Aug 22, 2016

How To Flash Your Android Stock Rom with SP FLASH TOOLS Using MTK Droid Tools Backup File

If you made a backup of your phones Stock ROM to Re Flash it to another none working Phone of same model then you would need to make use of
SP Flash Tools to get that done.

But if you may know, SP flash tools does not make use your MTK droid tools backup in a raw format which means you have to do a little more tinkering to get to work.

* Launch MTK Droid Tools app on your PC and goto the Root,Backup,Recovery Tab, Since you`ve already made a backup of your Stock Rom just check the option that reads `To Prepare Block For Flash Tool`.
* A file explorer window would open directly to MTK Backup folder, select your Phone`s backup folder and inside it select a Files.mds file to start up the process.
* When the process has finished, open the folder where MTK Droid Tools was extracted and the folder for your phone,You should see a folder with name `Files-To-FlashTool`, Thats the Folder to select when flashing the faulty phone with SP Flash Tools.
You can now flash your device with SP flash tool using the Files-To-FlashTool folder.
Wish you best of Luck!!!



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