Aug 14, 2016

How To Boot Lenovo Ideapad A10 Android Laptop To Recovery Mode

This is how to boot the Lenovo Ideapad A10 Android Laptop to Recovery Mode by pressing some combo keys on the Keyboard. See the full specifications of the mini laptop below.

Lenovo Ideapad A10 Specifications

Lenovo Ideapad A10 Specifications:

1.6ghz Quad Core Rockchip 3188 CPU
10.1 Inches Touchscreen
16/32Gb Internal Memory
2Gb Ram
Front Cam
2 USB 2.0 Female ports
Physical Keyboard With Android special function keys
6200Mah Battery that can last up to 7hours
Normal male USB charging port
Lenovo optimized UI and Lots more.

This Android Laptop was the best of it`s kind and i believe some people still own it.
But unfortunately, Only about 90% of it`s owners knows how to boot it into recovery.

As we all know, Recovery mode is used to format or rescue a boot looping android device, Its also used to flash zip files such as Custom Roms and even zipped apps.
So being unable to boot to recovery on an Android device is very unacceptable.

But really the process to do that is as simple as it is on a regular Android device.
With your device turned off
Hold 'R' and the 'Search' key on your keyboard
While still holding the keys, hold your Power button until Lenovo lights up on the Screen.
Release the Power button but still hold the other keys on your keyboard till your display shows it`s Recovery.

Its as Simple as that! For questions? use the Comment Box.
Keep Visiting for my next post on How you can Flash Clockworkmod recovery on this device and other Rockchip Devices.



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