Aug 14, 2016

iOS 10 Review

iOS 10 Review

As we all may already know, iOS 10 is the successor to Apple's iOS 9.
Though iOS 10 Beta 5 upgrade is available for download, iOS 10 stable version is expected to be released later in the year.

iOS 10 is expected to have these major changes and features, which are;

* A redesigned Lock Screen with 3D Touch enabled notifications
* A better and more easily accessible Camera
* A new Widgets Screen
* A redesigned Control Center with 3D Touch support
* A new upgrade to Wake up feature which wakes up the screen without bypassing Notifications.
* An improvement to Siri. Now developers can build their apps to support Siri.
* Improvement to Massaging app.
* A Dedicated Home app for Homekit Devices and the ability to delete any unneeded pre-installed app
* New Photos features such as object recognition
* Updated Maps and Apple Music Interface and features

* Apple News app improvements
* Smarter Quick type keyboard
* Apple Pay now available in web.
* Apps like Notes, Clock, Phone have been updated with new features.
These and many more are what are expected on iOS 10, Though many persons have already confirmed some of these features on the iOS 10 Beta versions.
As earlier said, iOS 10 stable version is expected to be out before the year runs out.
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