Aug 10, 2016

How To Bypass License Verification On Android

Are you seeing a license verification failed message on an app or game you downloaded from a website other than Google Playstore? This is how to remove that message and continue using your freely purchased app on your device.

How to use lucky patcher on android games

Since those back door processes of getting paid apps for free are not creating any revenue for the app developers, They have found a way to restrict users from using these freely gotten Pro apps on their devices by giving a License ID to users that purchased the app genuinely. This way the app would not work on a device without a License ID.

Now my trick comes to play, With the use of an app called "Lucky Patcher" We would be able to bypass the License Verification Menu and use our amazing Pro apps for free.

How To Remove License Verification Failed Message:

Download and install Lucky Patcher Android app,

Open the app and select the app you want to bypass license for,
Click on Open Menu of Patches

Select `Remove License Verification`

Select Auto Mode and click on Apply

Wait for it to finish Patching then launch the app and enjoy its Pro functions,
isn't that cool? Am sure you Love it! Expect more of these tutorials soon. Blaze On.



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