Aug 12, 2016

How To Partition External Sd Card To Use As Internal Storage For App Installaton

With this simple procedure you would be able to partition your SD Card as internal storage and store your applications on it, this would increase your internal memory and stop that annoying low storage notification.

How to install android apps on external memory

If you are still using a 2013_2014 Android Device then you must have noticed that it has very limited ROM to install apps. Even if Android makes it possible to move some user apps to the External Sd card, there are still some apps that are not movable and even when moved, they store their data on the internal storage.

Since we are unable to move those apps we are now forced to use lesser apps on our device which makes us unsatisfied. But i bring to you a walk around of how you can increase your devices ROM using an External Sd card.
There are many methods of doing this but i think the ClockworkMod Recovery method works best since it does not require the use of a PC.


1. Make sure you are using a ClockworkMod recovery then reboot your device to 

2. Select the "Advanced" option, Now select "Partition External SD Card",

3. Choose the amount of Space you wish to use as Partition, I would recommend 1024(1GB).

Now select swap size as 0M, Then wait for it to finish Partitioning, You've successfully Partitioned your Sdcard.

You now need to use an app called LINK2SD.
Install the App from Playstore and open it and give Root access.

If your Sd Card was properly partitioned you should see a pop-up asking you to choose the format of your Sd Card Partition,
You should choose Ext2 then the Link2Sd should mount Scripts and ask for a Reboot.
After the reboot, Open Link2SD again, Goto menu and click on Multi Select.
Now you should select all the apps you wish to Link to Sd and select the Link Apps option ( do not link critical system apps ).
When link2sd has finished linking the apps, you should now see an increase in your devices available ROM.
Be sure not to remove your Sd Card to avoid System Crash.
If you meet any errors during this process be sure to tell me via the Comment Box. Thank You.



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