Aug 9, 2016

How To Make Use Of Any Free Browsing Cheat On PC

free browsing on pc

Have you ever had any browsing cheat working through a VPN app on your Android device?
Do you own a PC? if you do, am sure you must have thought of a way of which you could use that Free Cheat on it for Downloads since PC`s are known to have Large storage.

Well, this post is for you, you must have known that most VPN cheats don't work on PC`s by just tethering from your phone to it.

The only confirmed possible way to do this is with the use of an Android _ PC  app called `PDANET+`, This app is free to use but is Data limited and also Speed Throttled until you purchase the Full version.

How To Use:

Click here for an advanced tutorial on how to tether VPN internet connections to Windows PC

* Download and install Pdanet+ on your PC (.exe file)

* Then install Pdanet+ on your Android Device

* Connect your VPN cheat on your Android Device and make sure it works on your phone

* Connect your Phone to your PC ( Make sure you already activated USB debugging via Settings~Developer Options )

* Open Pdanet+ on your Android device and select USB Mode and wait for it to connect

* Now double click the Pdanet+ Icon on your PC, It should verify Internet Connection on your phone

* Once it shows connected then you are ready to Rumble!
This works for all Cheats! But remember the Free version of the app on android is speed throttled and Data limited. Enjoy!.



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