Aug 9, 2016

Best Android App For Root Users

best apps for rooted phones

apps for rooted phones

As soon as any Techy kind of guy gets a new android phone, The first thing he does is to Root it in order to super user permissions on the phone. Rooting a phone was once seen as easy way to make a phone brick or spoil, but with the new Versions of root apps available now Like `Kingroot`, rooting of phones is now a very safe process if done properly.

I recommend Kingroot app because it roots your phone automatically with Internet connection while some other root apps might require the use of a PC.

Well Rooting a phone is just the first step but installing the right root apps does the main job, A rooted device adds no new function expect when the required root apps are installed.

These root apps do different task from Customizing your Boot screen to changing the Clocking of your CPU and so on.

There are different root user apps available but i want to introduce to you one that's got the function of more than Ten apps put together. You might have come across this app but wouldn't have known that it`s Multipurpose.
ROM TOOLBOX is the app am talking about, This app has the function of Boot animation changer, Terminal Emulator, Font changer, Root file browser and other root functions all in one app!

With this app you don't need to install multiple apps to get different functions cause all the functions are imbedded into one single app.
Note: This app is available on Play Store and it has a Pro version.
Checkout the Screenshots Above to get full Info of the apps function.



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