Aug 4, 2016

Only Buy Android Smartphones That Has These Features

Want to buy a new Android smartphone? Make sure it has a good camera quality, processor, internal storage, lasting battery, big display size and these features listed below.

Phones with best features

The improved features of Android smartphones have grown drastically and kept growing by each day.
Below are Features you should check out for before buying any high-end Smartphones:

1. 4G LTE:
It is no longer news that newer smartphones now have the ability to use 4G data services, These 4G services have a download speed of up to 150mb/s and upload speeds 50mb/s, So why should you go for less?

2. Fingerprint Or Iris Scanner:
I know you want the best security on your device, you surely want your precious well secured! Well, You've got it.

Make sure to purchase a device with any or both of these features if security matters to you.

3, Water And Dust Resistance:
No one would want his/her precious device to get spoilt by water or dust, so to be on a safe side I advise you to purchase a device with these features.

4. Fast Battery Charging:
I know its really painful when you have to wait for over 4hours for your device to get fully charged, Technology has improved to a level where such should not be allowed.
With Quick charge 2.0 and over, Your device could charge up to 60% in just 30mins! Woo That's Great!.

5. Wireless Charging:
It's not very good carrying lots of cord around just to power your device, With Wireless Charging you don't need those cords, keep them at home for once***.

6. Corning Gorilla Glass:
A shattered screen is a shattered device! So you have to be protective of it. But with Corning Gorilla screen you have extra protection because a fall would not harm your device screen, isn't that Cool?

7. USB Host (OTG):
This feature enables you to use USB peripherals such as a mouse, keyboards, flash drives etc for easy typing and control. So I feel it is an essential feature to have in any high-end smartphone. 

These features listed above are the few of the astonishing features I expect any tech guy or phone savvy person to look out for before purchase. Soon I would make a post of some devices with some of these features so you could choose from, Devices Rule.



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