Sep 2, 2016

ELON MUSK SPACEX Explosion Causes a Setback to Mark Zukerberg's Plan Of Providing Affordable Internet Plans For Africa

For Those of us that might not know, Mark Zukerberg ( Facebook Founder and Whatsapp Owner ) visited Nigeria some days ago, His visit as he said was to get in touch with the citizens of Nigeria whom he believes have great Technological Potential
However he also spoke on how he could provide better internet coverage and cheaper to free data access for everyone.

But unfornatunately a SpaceX Rocket owned by Elon Musk got exploded during a pre-launch test and this also got the already placed Solar-Powered Facebook and Spacecomms AMOS-6 COMMUNICATIONS SATELITE that was meant to provide the services Mark zukerberg talked about was Destroyed in the blast.

This as we all understand would delay the provision of the services Mark promised, Yes Delay! Mark zukerberg in response to this has said that there is an alternative means to get it's services working with a device called Aquila while Amos-6 is put back in Place.
The blast has brought about the loss of at least $300 million since the Amos-6 device was worth about $100 million and the SpaceX rocket worth $200 million.



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