Sep 2, 2016

You Can Now Make Comments On Any Blogger Site With Opera Browser

Good Day Readers, Am sure it's nothing strange to any Blogger site owner or constant visitor that loves to make comments that before now Opera mini browser had always proved very stubborn when it comes to making comments.

As we all known, Opera browser is a very popular browser amongst mobile phone users and some PC users so the fact that one was unable to air out his/her views on a post on a blogger site using this browser was a big thorn in the flesh.

Luckily for us, this issue has been Resolved as i had confirmed it yesterday when i replied to a comment on this blog using opera mini browser on my Android tab, I had also confirmed it by commenting on a friends blog with a different version of opera browser, So you all would now be able to make your comments on this blog as well as any other blogger site without been restricted by Opera browser.

So feel free and experience Total freedom of Speech Here as you make your Contributions and Modifications.
I wish you the Best as we continue to make the Best use of our Time togeather online.



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