Sep 9, 2016

See The Cool Features Of Apple's New Wireless AIRPOD And It's Astonishing Price

Upon the release of Apple's new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus devices brings about also the release of a new Wireless Airpod that replaces the Earbud used on iPhone 6. This new Apple Wireless Airpod has some crazy and fascinating features that you might not have known about.

Though this Wireless Airpod is costly it's features might hypnotize you into buying it.

Features Of Apple's Wireless Airpod

* It has Dual Optical Sensors- This allows it to play audio when put into your ears and pauses the audio as soon as you take it out

* It has a very easy and painless Pairing process- The Wireless Airpod once taken out of it's case a window with a connect option would come up on a nearby iOS or Mac device. The Airpod connects to the device once you hit the connect button.

* Easy access to Siri by just double tapping on either of the Airpods.

* Has Accelerometer that enables it detect when the user is speaking and makes filter external noise and focus on the users voice.

* Apple says that the Airpod would provide audio playback of upto 5hours.

* The Airpod's Charging Case acts as a powerbank as it can provide you with up to 24 hours of listening time on the Airpod.

* Equipped with Quick Charge Technology that gives you 3Hours of listening time for just 15mins charge.

* It is Power-efficient as the W1 Chip used in it is very doesn't consume much battery power.

* You can switch from one device to the other seamlessly, For instance switching it from your Mac to your iPhone.

Am sure you just got hypnotized by the features of this wonder wireless Airpod but wait till you hear it's Price.
"This Apple's Wireless Airpod is sold at about $160" This is above 50,000Naira currently.

Requirements To Use The Airpod

* An iCloud Account
* iOs 10
* macOS Sierra or watchOS 3

The Airpods would begin shipping by October.

Am sure with the current level of some countries economy, Only few people would want to buy this device for this huge price while others would just say Nah to it even if they can afford it. Lets hear your opinion on this.
Do you think the Airpod is worth it's Price considering it's cool features?
Would you buy one if opportuned to? Lets discuss via the comment box!



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