Sep 10, 2016

You Can Now Download With Your Airtel 20GB For 200 Using Opera Mini Via

Some days ago, Airtel released a Social Bundle plan that gave subscribers 10gb for 100Naira, 20gb for 200Naira and 100gb for 300Naira but unfornately a day after these plans where released, Airtel reduced the Data bundles to 100mb, 200mb and 1gb.

Though the plan was reduced on even those that had subbed for it earlier, few still had theirs left at 10gb, 20 and 100gb.
Am now happy to tell that you can now use the data plan for downloads on Opera Mini
without tweaking or using a vpn app.

This Is How To Use It

* Make sure you are using the latest version of opera mini ( The one that flashes the site to be accessed in a box )
* Now goto the url field and input
* Once the site is opened check and click on the go to site button that is beside the Url
* A new page should pop-up that looks like Googles homepage
* Now copy and the paste the url of the file you want to download inside the box and click the go to site button and watch your download at great speed.

NOTE: This also works for new subscribers that were given 100mb, 200mb and 1gb. I would advice you to sub for the 300Naira for 1GB that is valid for 25days.
* You can also browse any site freely with this plan using the Opera mini browser.

This might act as a better alternative to other plans just if it powers all apps but unfornately it doesn't power all the apps yet, just Opera mini. You can sub for this plan by dialing *688# on your AIRTEL line.



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