Dec 31, 2016

Laugh Into 2017

Hello Friends!!! Today is the Last Day of 2016!!! And am Happy we are all alive to witness this day, but do you know what? We would surely Laugh into 2017! The Laugh I talk about isn't that of Psychiatric Patients ooo!.
I expect us all to feel Happy and Merry as 2017 comes to meet us by 12:00Am!!

Let's keep laughing as we wait for next year with this Funny Fictional Story, I believe this story is funny enough to make us laugh till 12am.
If this doesn't make you laugh then I think 2017 is not coming for you.

Story Begins***
Can you imagine???
I used N4,000 to buy fuel for my car. I decided to use the remaining N1,000 I had left in my pocket to get some food in a restaurant before I face the Lagos traffic. As I ordered the food and sat down to eat, a well-dressed man in a suit sitting beside me said, "I love the way you eat, try their snail, I will pay." I hastily added four pieces of snail at a cost of N2,000 and continue eating.

He said again, "You eat so well, please get a bottle of wine so that you can drink after eating." I hastily made the order and was having fun.
My total bill came up to about N10,000. I thanked
him for accepting to pay.

As I stood to leave, my car key fell down and I bent to pick it. I discovered that the man was bare-footed! I thought the man was attending a certain church but 3 hefty guys immediately busted in and grabbed him by the arm. One said to me, "I'm sorry if this man has been disturbing you, he just escape from our psychiatric hospital this morning..."
I fainted!
Who go pay 4 me, abeg....?
Contechs Fans, Una Go Help Me?

Am already Laughing! 2017 Must Bring More Laughter, Prosperity and Success!!!



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