Dec 30, 2016

Smile Now With These Funny True Facts

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Am even still confused why Ladies should come first but i don't have a choice. Well i want to make you Smile with these funny but true facts, as we know these facts are mostly exhibited by we Nigerians. Read Them Below;

1. Ugly girls are getting married
every Saturday, the pretty ones will be buying ASO EBI, looking glamorous in the wedding pictures, who are you waiting for, Dangote's son?
2. Shout out to all the girls who feel they need to wash noodles before cooking it. I respect your Hygiene.
3. I bet Messages from mobile operators in 2019 will say "DEAR CUSTOMER, GET YOUR WIFE PREGNANT TODAY WITHOUT STRUGGLE,
4. You are 20 years old and dating a 52year old
man and you call him your baby, is he your baby or ancestor?
Somehow, your matter dey Shiloh.
5. One good thing about been ugly.
At least you would be least considered for rituals. Dem no dey use JUJU do JUJU na!
6. You dey snap Facebook pictures for another person Hummer; don't worry Honey, when thieves go find you come, dem go nack you Hammer.
7. At the age of 40, you still dey your Mama House dey drag Head of fish with your siblings....Cha i! The witch wey dey your village carry your picture dey fan herself.
8. You be house boy and you dey sing
Mehn you get case for Cele church
9. Bossy girls be like '' before I think of dating him, he must TOAST me
for at least 6month. Dont worry, 25yrs from now.. You will be in Shiloh for miracle marriages.
10. You are a first class graduate at 40years without any job and you dey follow Lil Wayne dey sing "I AIN'T
GOT NO WORRIES". My Dear, even the devil is weeping for you.
11. Opportunity knocks but once, my brother sister, If you hear a 2nd knock,
My Brother/My Sister, check well,na Jehovah witness.
12.You sleep with Grace,Ruth,
Marry without using protective material and now you are going to saloon with your own brother Virus is in your head dancing OYA DAB
13) You see this post,you read it,
you even laugh but you did not
Comment. You better visit cele church
before I take you to a psychiatric hospital.
Please just comment before you leave*
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