Dec 4, 2016

Tecno W5 Lite Specifications

Tecno W5 now has a Lite version, As we all know most lite devices do not always have the complete specs that were found on their Originals, Unfornately the Tecno W5 is not an exception to this.

The original Tecno W5 had 4G connectivity but this Lite version doesn't - Did you just ask why? Well it's because it's a lite version.
Also the Selfie Camera was reduced from the 5MP that it was on the original to 2Mp.

Aside from the Tecno W5 Lite not having 4G Connectivity and it's Front Cam being 2mp, All other specs are almost the same as the Original Tecno W5.

Use the Search button on the page and make a search for "Tecno W5" to get the full specifications of the Original.
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