Jan 28, 2017

Android Device No Longer Minimizes Apps? See Quick Solution

I just saw a complain online now from an Android device user, He complained of his phone not being able to minimize apps. This shouldn't be a Ram issue.
Here is the Solution:-

Firstly let me tell you the possible causes;
If you own an Android device that can no longer minimize apps, there are two possible causes though most people know only of one.
They are;

1. The Ram of your phone is too Small;
This is one of the causes of phones not been able to minimize apps, though if the problem of your phone is the ram then your phone should be able to minimize apps for a short time but if you leave the app minimized for a longer time then it would close, That was the case when i  was using a 512mb Ram phone (MTN SmartMini S620).

2. You Disabled App Minimization On Your Phone;
Is that possible? Am sure you're surprised. Not many people know that this can be done nor even know how to do it, but i tell you it is very possible and that's the major cause of your phone not been able to minimize apps.
If this is the the cause then your phone would be able to minimize a certain amount of apps or would not even minimize at all.

Now how do I Fix it?

Well the procedure is very simple and does not require an installation of any 3rd Party app.
Follow these Steps;

* Goto Settings on your phone

* Click on Developer Options

* Scroll to down to the 3rd to last option that reads "Don't Keep Activities" and Untick It.

* That's it and your phone would start minimizing apps again

Note: If your phone minimizes just a selected amount of apps then follow the steps below;

* While in Developer Options, Scroll down to the 2nd to last option that reads "Background Process Limit" and select it.
* Set it to Standard Limit

* Your phone is now back to normal.

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  1. All the settings you mentioned above were intact. plus my phone has 1gig RAM

    1. Check my "Contact Us" Page so you could reach me on Whatsapp.

  2. Your ram isn't the problem. Is your phone rooted? If yes then try unrooting it and then clear cache from recovery. If that doesn't work,then you have to format it.

  3. My phone is an Infinix smart 6 and it's refusing all of a sudden to minimize app or even backspace what do I do?

  4. My phone has a 2gig ram 32gig rom I've done all the stuff u mentioned above but still nothing do u think it can b the ram how will 2gig ram b too small


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