Feb 9, 2017

Get 7GB Worth Of Data For Just 700Naira On Airtel

Yeah it's possible and its working, This season of economic hardship ( may I use that word ) has stopped some of us from doing the things we love doing especially buying data to buy browse or download our favourite movies, games and etc.

This has been possible for some time now but I didn't bring it up since we had some working and blazing free browsing of which we used to download what we wanted, But now I've decided its the right time to inform you of this data bundle since the free browsing solutions are no longer stable though they are still working, You can get the procedures to setup the Free Browsing  Here.

For those that didn't know, Airtel some time ago released a Weekend data plan that gives you 1GB worth of data for just 100Naira!! It is really the cheapest of its kind, Other networks do have cheap Weekend and Night plans but this Airtel weekend plan is the Bomb.

I know you're already wondering why I wrote the 7GB for #700 above, well I didn't write that with the taught that you should subscribe for the weekend plan every weekend for seven weekends.
Now here is the Trick, Airtel allows you subscribe for the weekend plan during weekdays though you won't be able to browse or download with it till weekend, So what you do to get 7gb for 700naira is to accumulate the 1gb for 100naira during weekdays and then use it on weekend.

Let's say you need 4gb worth of data to be used in streaming an EPL match that would be played on Sunday and today is Thursday, all you need to do is ;
•°• Recharge your Airtel line with 400Naira and Dial *474*1#, You would be given 1gb and 100Naira would be deducted from your account.
•°• Wait till Friday ( Tomorrow ) and dial the code again, 100Naira would be deducted again and would be given another 1gb worth of data. Don't bother using it to browse yet as it won't connect.
•°• Repeat the step everyday till Sunday, Now you should have accumulated exactly 4gb, You can check the data by dialing *140#. You can now begin streaming that exciting match on any of your internet enabled device.

How To Get 7GB?
You just have to start accumulating the data from the beginning of the week ( Monday ) till Sunday and you would have 7gb for just 700Naira.

Pros and Cons of the Airtel Weekend Plan;

•°• It works on all internet enabled devices
•°• It is very Affordable at just #700
•°• It can be Accumulated
•°• Remaining data can be checked

•°• It does not work on all Airtel sims
•°• It only works on Weekends

This Airtel Weekend plan for be a substitute for its Night bundles and as well be used when a Free Browsing is not available.
Don't forget, It costs just #100!!!

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