Feb 10, 2017

Rock This 2017 Etisalat Smartpak Free Browsing With This Psiphon Settings

I hope you all remember Etisalat Smartpak Free Browsing which Blazed last year, Well it's here again with these new Fast and Stable settings, With the Fast Internet speed of Etisalat.. you surely know what to expect......

About Etisalat Smartpak
Etisalat Smartpak is a Data Bundle plan that has been around for some time now, It has a cousin of which is known as Etisalat Chatpak.

The Etisalat Smartpak and Chatpak were used for free browsing with VPN apps like Netify, Psiphon Pro Lite, Simple Android Server ( Now known as "Netloop" ) and even the popular and most stable VPN app "Tweakware".
This Etisalat Smartpak free browsing was unlimited as it doesn't have a Data Limit on it, unfortunately after some time Etisalat decided to place a data cap on it ( Which was around 250-400MB), Soon after the free browsing stopped working totally and everyone had to find a another route... Thanks to Etisalat 0.0K

What's The Good News?

The Good News is that the Etisalat Smartpak Free Browsing is back again and blazing real fast, It now possesses the speed it possessed last year though I haven't yet confirmed if it still has a data limit but people have used over 1GB and it's still connecting.
This Smartpak free browsing should serve as an Alternative to Night Plans, Glo 0.0k and even Etisalat 0.0k free browsing.


•°• Your Etisalat Sim ( New or Old )
•°• Your Android Device with either Queencee or Psiphon VPN installed
•°• Etisalat Airtime of #150 ( Used to Subscribe for Smartpak Weekly )

* You might be wondering why you should buy airtime when I said it's free browsing, Well thats because you get far more data with the settings provided below than you would if you didn't use any setting.
Also the Etisalat Smartpak does not power all apps on its own cause it is a Social bundle, but with the Settings provided you can power all apps on your phone and even Use It To PC.

•°• Etisalat Smartpak has Daily and Monthly options but I wouldn't advise you sub for them yet as only the Weekly Plan has been confirmed working, once others are confirmed you would be informed.

How To Set It Up

1. On your Phone dial *244*1# to migrate to Easy Cliq Tariff, Then Dial *200*3*3*1*2*1# to Sub for Etisalat Chatpak Weekly.

2. Open the already installed Queencee or Psiphon app and set it up as;
* Tick Remove Port

* Proxy Server: viber.com

* Real Proxy Type: Default

* Real Proxy Port: 8080

Leave other settings at Default and Save.
* Select your Preferred Region as USA or any other region you feel works better for you.

* Hit the Connect Button and it should connect in less than 3Mins.
As I earlier said, I haven't confirmed yet if its unlimited but I know that once its connects you should be able to use more than 500mb.

If you have any troubles setting it up, Don't hesitate to use the Comment Button.
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See you as you have a Wonderful Day!



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