Feb 6, 2017

Trick To Know If Your Facebook Account Has Been Hacked

In this present generation, our social media accounts are one of our most cherished and private belongings.
We most times store very sensitive and personal information on them and as such we wouldn't want any prying eyes to log into them. But as we are not perfect, We sometimes fail to protect these accounts and it falls into the wrongs hands.

Here I Present You A Trick Of Which You Could Use To Know If Your Facebook Account Is Still Under Your Control Or If It Has Been Hacked!


Login to your Facebook Account and Goto "NewsFeed", Click On Any News or Post you see and Type this @[4:0] into the Comment Box on the post and tap the Comment button.

It should automatically show as "Mark Zuckerberg" when posted. This means your account is still okay and under your control alone.

But if after posting the comment it doesnt automatically show as Mark Zuckerberg, then you should know that your Facebook account is at risk of been hacked!

What to do if it doesn't show as Mark Zuckerberg when posted?

Firstly, Make sure what you typed in the comment box is @[4:0]
If it still doesn't show then you would have to Change your Facebook Account Password immediately by going to Account Settings.

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  1. Wow! It worked! never knew it would work and my account is safe too. Contechs does it best..


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