Mar 29, 2017

24 Hours Story And Camera Effects In Facebook Mobile App

Not long ago Whatsapp started using the 24 hours photo slideshow or video status, now Facebook has also launched the 24 hours story similar to what we saw snapchat.

The stories would be displayed above your news feed on your official Facebook mobile app (Not Lite Version), stories last for 24 hours after which they are replaced by new stories.
Anyone can add a story to show up on the stories tab by simply tapping on the Story option, Posts you share as stories won't appear on your news feed, they would only appear on the stories tab, you have to also share it on your news feed if you want it to appear there.

An additional feature has also been released that allows you share photos and videos with selected friends, your friends get to view the stuff you shared once and then make a comment. Your shared content no longer displays once you stop receiving replies on it, you access this by using the "Direct" option on the left bar.

You also get to enjoy the new Facebook camera effects which includes Frames, Masks, Interactive and Dynamic filters and many more wonderful effects. These filters can be used on your photos and videos by tapping on the camera icon in the top left of your Facebook app.

Facebook is really working to retain the title of the most used social media app at least for the next 15 years, they are incorporating features of many other social media app into it, you would enjoy the new features of facebook of you're using the official app (the one that is over 30MB in size and has a blue background on the app icon with a white colored F letter).



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  1. Facebook is copying anything possible, very soon they will start having Pin like BBM.


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