Mar 28, 2017

ZTE Plans To Release A Gigabit Smartphone In The Future With A Download Speed Of 1Gbps

ZTE showed off a new smartphone at the Mobile World Congress event, The smartphone is said to have a download speed of 1Gbps though they won't be releasing this phone any time soon.

We are still battling on getting good 4G signal and coverage in Nigeria and here we are hearing of another super speed phone of which many of us may think is 5G, Read up the Current Status of 4G LTE In Nigeria.
However, the speed of light that the ZTE smartphone possesses isn't 5G since it wasn't stated as that, the speed is achieved by the combination of different 4G Bands which then gives it the super internet speed ability.

The device is aimed to download at an unbelievable 1Gbps speed, this is achieved by the use of Qualcoom's Snapdragon X16 LTE Modem, which has already been used to provide same speed for some routers in Australia.
ZTE also made it know that they wouldn't be releasing the phone to the public anytime soon, so their presenting it on the MWC event was to get our minds ready for something big.

When i try to imagine the specifications this device would come with, I think nothing but the best. Features that wouldn't be found on any 2017 smartphone, Storage may be upto 1TB, Battery? I expect a whooping 10000mAh capacity, Price? I'd rather not think about that yet else i lose interest.

The disturbing issue is that Nigeria has not even adapted to 4G LTE since how many years it's been available, I wonder how and when we would get to use this device at it's full speed even if it's released in the next few months.
Our 4G Networks are yet nothing to write home about though they are showing some signs of improvement, if this new internet speed should be built on a new internet protocol ( 5G ) then we would be looking to use it in a decades time.



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