Mar 26, 2017

Airtel 4G LTE Still Not launched In Nigeria

Each time i browse on my phone with any Airtel data plan, i always get that thought of why hasn't airtel released it's 4G internet service when it's competitors have all had theirs running for months now. The delay in releasing their 4G service has made me begin to ponder on what the reason might be and each time i think about that lots of thoughts comes into my mind.

Airtel was once to me the fastest network network in Nigeria though i now feel the speed of Etisalat than that of airtel, Etisalat however has a limiting factor which is it's high price of data plans, it has the most expensive data bundles compared  to other networks.

Airtel on the other hand has the best data bundles but definitely not the cheapest, you might feel it's never possible for a network that doesn't have the cheapest data bundle to have the best but when it comes it comes to airtel that  seems to be the case.
Airtel provides customers with different data plans ranging from normal daily, weekly and monthly data bundles to their night, time based and weekly plans. Airtel is known to be very fast at all times, they have better coverage than some of the other networks.
Their 20x bonus offer is still on and you shouldn't fail to grab it.

Glo Nigeria that has the cheapest data plans doesn't provide users with the desired browsing experience, their network coverage is very poor across major cities of the country hereby causing them to provide a very slow browsing and downloading speed.
It doesn't make any sense to provide the cheapest yet unusable data plan, internet users desire good browsing speed and not just cheap plans as Glo is providing. I believe the main reason why most internet users still has a Glo sim is because of the free browsing that is regularly available on it and probably to browse with in times of emergency and unavailability of cash to buy data on other networks, No one enjoys browsing with glo not even at night.

MTN has always been the king of all networks in terms of coverage and stability, that is why they said they are everywhere you go.
Subscribers on the MTN network do not complain of browsing speed, the network may not be the fastest but it has never been classified as slow. Their data bundles are just normal and worth the price it's sold for, it has never been reported to zap or been throttled, that is the reason most regular internet users like bloggers choose MTN for their daily online activities.

All these networks had their 4G LTE service running since last year except Airtel, as at the time of this post, MTN is considered the most efficient 4G network in Nigeria because the other networks still has lots of issues to fix on their service.
Glo has always been known for lack of coverage but when it comes to 4G service the Etisalat network is still having problems covering lots of the expected areas of the country, the speed that these networks provide as 4G is what other networks in some other countries use as 3G.

Glo never fails to make their plans the cheapest, maybe they do that to retain subscribers since they know  their network isn't very fast, their 4G Data plans cost the same as their 3G bundles which leaves internet freaks with no choice than to go for it other than that of other networks.
Their data bundle prices makes you want to reverse the quote that says " Quality not Quantity " to the opposite " Quantity not Quality ". It's always a matter of demand and choice because i wouldn't want to visit a cyber cafe and pay them money for an hour of internet use on Glo network.

We expected airtel too introduce their 4G data service before the end of 2016 but now that they didn't we no longer know what they have in mind about it considering how far this year has gone without them saying anything about bringing up the service. I pray they don't take too long or worse wait till the end of the year before launching the service, it wouldn't be funny at all.
I also know that when they finally launch it that it's gonna be dope ( if you know what that means... Lol. ). Airtel - We Wait On You....



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