Mar 26, 2017

Record Setting - New Miami Smartphone Device Can Test Your Sperm

I just saw this online and the first thing that came to my mind was the Motto of Contechsblog which is " Technology is Life ". As we can see here, Technology is proving so well to be the real reason for life, with every advancement and innovation - technology continues to make life easier.

This is a record setting innovation though not yet available to the public, Imagine the process it takes to get your sperm scanned in the hospital, from getting the sperm out of your body to depositing it at the hospital for test to be conducted on it and then the terror and shame you face if the result of the test doesn't turn out well.
All that would be in the past once this device that would be attached to your smartphone to test your sperm quality is released, giving you the liberty to scan and test your sperm from anywhere without any external interference or knowledge.

Technology is out to solve majority of the problems we face in our daily life, marriages crash everyday like a computer infected with a virus for years because the couple had failed to properly test their health status before tying the knot, when this happens the families of both partners begin to blame the blame the other for the misfortune, this mostly happens when the couple are unable to have a child after some years of their marriage. It gets worse when it has been finalized by test report that the woman is infertile and wouldn't be able to ever bear a child, then you would the family of the husband invade into the wife's home like bees to drive her out.

We fail to do the necessary when it comes to getting married and all that, many would say Love is all that matters but i tell you that mentality was valid before 1980 but is obsolete in this generation .
The release of this device would surely save many relationships the hassle of running from one hospital to another to ascertain the fertility of the man before marriage, it makes it easier to know the potency of your spouse even before you say "i do", no lady wants to face pressure and humiliation from her husbands family when the fault is her husband's - so why not sort it out before giving in for marriage?

This is becoming more of a marriage counselling than a tech review so i would want to stop my marriage advice there and tell you more of the device that is expected to prevent some the issues i talked about. The news of this device was made public by the US Researchers on March 22nd, they said the device is still on prototype stage and would be available to the public once it's ready for use.

The device is an Optical attachment ( something like a camera ) that can be attached to a smartphone to test sperm and display results in a minute of seconds, it was said that the device recorded a 98% accuracy for the tests it had performed. They also said the cost of the materials used the device was US$4.45 which isn't too expensive and with that i believe the device won't cost much when released to the public.

Though we don't know how soon this device would be released, One thing is sure - It's availability would change lots of things and also put an end to the number of marriage divorce for impotency.



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