Mar 19, 2017

Download Link For Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool All Versions For Windows 7, 8 And 10

Every phone company has it's own Flash tool, these flash tools are applications that you install into your computer to enable you flash a new ROM, application or any other flash able software into your device.

xiaomi mi flash tool

We're going to concentrate on Xiaomi Mi's Flash Tool, how it works and it's download link.

Without saying much i would want you to know that the Xiaomi flash tool works justbas every other flash tool, you can use it to flash back your Stock ROM in an event that your phone gets bricked or unresponsive. You can also use it to diagonise your device and check for any fault or harmful applications. There is isn't much to say about it than the fact that it can only be used to Flash Xiaomi devices.

You don't have to use it to flash a device from a device company because it may not recognize the device and even if it does recognize it, it won't be able to flash it else it bricks your device.

The different links provided here are for different versions of the tool, i recommend you download the latest version and only in the event that it doesn't work on your device should you download an older version.

Features of the Xiaomi Flash Tool:

An All In One Flash Tool Installer;

This is the file that you install into your computer, it is the flash tool application which means that other files in the flash tool file such as the ADB Tool, Mi Drivers and Tool  are installed with it.

Inbuilt Drivers;

Some flash tools would require you download the specific drivers for your device but the Xiaomi flash tool has all the drivers you need to flash your phone inside of it so you don't have to worry about downloading and installing additional drivers.

Has Different Flashing Options;

This flash tool gives you lots of options when you want to flash your device. You can choose to flash your phone without losing your files by flashing all except storage, you can also flash your phone and leave the Data partition untouched. all those are the different flashing options you would find on the flash tool.

√ Easy on Storage;

This flash tool doesn't take much space on your hard drive to install, it is a lightweight application and also installs very fast.

Download Links for Xiaomi Flash Tool

√ Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool Version 20161222
Download Here

√ Xiaomi Mi  Flash Tool Version 20160830
Download Here

√ Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool Version 20160401
Download Here

√ Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool Version 20151028
Download Here

√ Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool Version 20150731
Download Here

√ Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool Version 20150601
Download Here

√ Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool Version 20140509
Download Here

Download any of the versions and open the zip file, Click on the application file and follow the onscreen instructions to install.
It's very easy to use.

If you're using a Mediatek device like Tecno, Infinix, Lenovo etc, You can flash your phone using SP Flash Tools Here .
Read this guide to understand all SP Flash Tool Errors and How to fix them.

Don't forget to Backup your Mediatek Device Stock ROM before flashing, Learn How To Backup Your ROM Here.



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  1. Hello know me as sparks please I would like to ask for means of going about flashing of my techno m3 it refuses to boot anymore and even when I take it to an engineer to help me flash it.. The system does not see the phone.. The phone only charges.. It doesn't booth.. It shows the techno then whitens out please how do I solve this issue

    1. Hello Sparky Bro, It's very unfortunate that happened to your phone but you would have to give me some details on how it happened so i can refer you to the proper article that has a solution to the problem.

  2. Well... The phone goes white on booting.. The main issue is that it's not visible on system and engineers seems not to have a solution to flashing it... I am thinking the USB debugging is switched off


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