Mar 19, 2017

Latest LGUP Flash Tool Download For LG Devices On Windows PC

Still on flash tools, I already explained Here what flash tools do but let me add more information about their functions to you. In a case of your device been too slow or unresponsive you could try different fixes but when non of this fix seems to work your only option would be to flash back your Stock ROM.

This time we're talking about LG's Flash tool which is called "LGUP", it works just as any other flash tool.
It can be used for any flashing purpose and in any situation too, be it a bricked or software failing device the LGUP flash tool can flash it.
Always remember to use it for flashing LG devices only.

The older version of this application was full of bugs and wasn't stable at all but now that they've released this latest version everything is now working as supposed. The application has been optimized and is now easier to use.

Download And Install The Latest LGUP Flash Tool For Windows Here

Note that you might have to download and install the drivers for your device separately for the flash tool to recognize it.
If your device uses a Mediatek chip then you can simply install the drivers using the method explained Here or use this Manual Method.



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