Mar 14, 2017

Etisalat Remote Tweak Unlimited Downloads With Free Server For Rooted And Non Rooted Phones

Etisalat remote tweak is still blazing real hot, it is even faster now than before and that makes us to use huge amounts of data within a very short period. This is cool for those who paid for premium servers but for the free server users there is surely a limit to the amount of data they can use.

I've visited sites and seen other tech bloggers trying to fix the issue of tweakware free servers having a limit on data usage and all i could hear from them was that you should use the servers one after the other and by doing that you would be able to use enough data to satisfy you. But what they all fail to understand is that you wouldn't still call that "Unlimited" cause it still has a limit.
Let's say you used up all the servers and still have files you wish to download, would you say you're using an unlimited data bundle or tweak? Surely you won't say that.

My point is that techies don't like to be restricted, they always like to play around the internet freely but the truth is that most of these techies that wishes for this independence wouldn't want to pay a dime to get it, else why wouldn't anyone whom is capable of using up all the numerous free servers on tweakware pay for the premium and then download the world to their devices without any restrictions.
But No! They wouldn't want that, at least that's why they are techies - always using the back doors.

Tech guys tend to take the toughest route to achieving what they want, and fortunately enough for me..... I also happen to be a Tech Guy! Yeah and am so very proud of it.
I could still remember a time when two free browsing tweaks were blazing at the same time, one was with tweakware and the other required imei tweaking. Just because i wanted do tough tasks, I left that the tweakware free browsing that is easier to set up and went ahead killing myself with imei tweaking. As a Tech guy i finally succeeded and then later came back to use the tweakware free browsing too.
Yes we tech guys really love to explore, its just our nature and what we've grown into.
I think it's enough for the tech guys talk, this ain't no technology guys review.

By hitting the nail on the head i would start by mentioning the different ways you can browse unlimited with free servers and what it's advantages are over the other.

I have one secret trick for you to enjoy your downloads semi unlimitedly, this trick is mainly for non rooted devices since the other trick i would expose below wouldn't work on them.

To download semi unlimitedly with free servers on your non rooted phone just follow the steps below.

Before you start make sure you've followed the steps to set up Etisalat Remote Tweak but don't click on Connect yet.

√ Now what you would do is select " Free Server 15" that has a Germany logo as your preferred server before clicking on Connect, i presume you've all already followed the steps explained into on the article of that i pointed to in step 1. Your Etisalat free browsing should now connect and if you're sharp within few minutes you would notice why i recommended server 15.

Ultimate Trick To Download Unlimitedly With Tweakware Free Servers On Rooted Devices

I know this is what most of us has been waiting for, you're like " What could Contechs Blog have to say that is taking it this long? ", The wait is worth it and also would give you the free browsing independence you deserve.

This trick am about to refresh your memory on has been very much around for some time now, at least i could still remember we've used it on some previous free browsing tweaks.
The reason this trick now feels spectacular is because no other person has mentioned it during this time of Etisalat remote free browsing and am surprised at that, maybe everyone forgot it ever existed.

Let's ride on with the steps;

Download and Install Device ID Changer (2.76 mb)

√ Choose a free server of your choice and Connect, Start downloading...

√ Once tweakware tells you that you've exhausted your daily free data allowance just go to the ID Changer app you installed earlier.

√ The app would request for Root Access which you should grant, once it has gotten root access you should now click on the "Random" button at the top left of the app.

√ By clicking on Random, your device id would be changed to any random one and you can now go back without connect your tweakware without having to switch servers.

Using this method, you would be able to change your ID as many times as you want, and with the version of the app i linked you would be able to change your ID back to the original by just clicking on the action button on Original. The feature i like most about this device id changer is the fact that you can manually type in an idea you want to use, you surely won't find this feature in other id changer apps.

Anyways you no longer need to continue switching servers just to keep using a free browsing. This also works for other free browsing like the Glo 0.0, Etisalat Chatpak etc.
With that said, i would advise you use the trick for non rooted phones if your phone is not rooted or you root your phone and enjoy the ultimate trick, if you don't like any of the two options then you just have to subscribe for a premium account.

Hope you've gotten the hook of it? Now you can go and give it a try and make sure you comment if to works for you.


The reason i said those whose phones are not rooted should use Free Server 15 is because that server has an error in calculating your data usage, you may have used 500mb yet it would still be counting your usage as 50mb.
I personally used that server to download a file of about 700mb yet it was saying i still had 278mb left of my daily usage. So i taught it would be wise if we take advantage of that and use a lot more than 350mb on the server without having to switch.

Nevertheless, I still advise and recommend you pay for a premium account especially those who find it hard to tweak and all that, at least to encourage the developers of the app, They deserve some encouragement from you.



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