Mar 13, 2017

Most Expensive Android Antivirus App That Sells For 29,000 Naira On PlayStore

Recently i talked about the extravagant and ridiculously expensive "I Am Rich" app on Play store, yes i know am speaking out of dissatisfaction. Today i wish to also inform you of an Android Antivirus App that is even more expensive than the other app i reviewed.

The difference between this app and the one i reviewed earlier is that this one could serve very important purposes for you, it is a very essential app for all android phone users who wishes to secure their device from viruses and malware, make sure their private files are kept private and others.
To cut it all short, this app is Multi functional.

I strongly believe this the app might be a very good one but I still doubt if it's worth purchasing for a pocket emptying 29,000Naira.
This app is called "Baboon Antivirus",  maybe they gave it the name Baboon to show how powerful it is since we all know baboon as a strong animal, but i would had preferred if they named it "Bankers Antivirus" cause it's price would surely drive anyone to the bank.
Jokes apart, I don't still understand why an Android app no matter what it's functions are should cost that much.

Have you also taught about this antivirus been even more expensive than our phones, most of us use phones that don't cost that much, let's imagine that i use a phone of Twenty Thousand Naira then i buy this app for Twenty nine thousand, that would be considered as an "Ironic Spending Budget". As far as am concerned a phones gadget shouldn't cost more than the phone no matter the circumstance, it's just not proper.

Pictures of the app shows that aside been an antivirus the app still has other features which are listed below;

Privacy Adviser
Call/SMS Filter
Network Traffic Stats
WiFi Security
Finance Protector
Security Adviser

Am not trying to be stingy but even with those features i don't still see it worth the price it's been sold for, would have given it a try if it was sold for 5% of that price, Hope am being generous enough now? Well it's my choice.

If you would give this app a review for us by buying and testing it ( I mean the 29 thousand Naira variant, cause the app has a Free and some cheaper pro versions), please notify us by making a comment.



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