Mar 18, 2017

Gmail App Future Update Would Allow You Stream Video Attachments Without Downloading

Google has announced on it's blog that soon or probably 15 days from now, a new feature would be released that would allow you stream video attachments right from the Mail without having to download.

This works by showing you a thumbnail of the video which a click on it would immediately start streaming the video inside Gmail just almost the same as it is on Google Drive unlike before when you have to download and the locate the directory where the video was saved and open it with a video player, in about 15 days which google said would be used to test run the feature before release that issue if having to download a gmail video attachment before you can watch it would be a thing if the past.

This is one of the reasons why Google still remains number 1 in all they do because they never fail to come up with bright ideas that would be supported by everyone.
My only problem with them is their unannounced shutting down of useful services, if they stop doing that then i would rank them higher.

Am sure we all would be waiting to test this new feature once it released, It's a good thing it's just 2 weeks from now so we all can comfortably wait.



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