Mar 18, 2017

Laughter Hour: Nigeria's Economy As It Is In The Bible - Recap

Good Day Guys, This is December and as we all know - December Begets Christmas and Christmas Begets Joy and Joy Begets Merriness!! So shall it be in Jesus Name. Amen!!!
Yea as the time goes on I will continue to update you with the latest Tech Info and also I would surely do my Best to ensure you have a Merry Christmas on this site.

Well Today I want to share a very funny Joke with you of which I titled "Nigeria's Economy As It Is In The Bible". Please just take your time to read through it and am sure the rest of this Month would be Merryful for you
APC 1:1-16*😉😆
Our Reading For Today Is Taken From The Book Of APC Chapter 1 Verse 1 To 16....

1. And it came to pass, when the Lord would punish Nigeria, that he gave them a president
under whose hand they were mightily oppressed.

2. Before he ascended the throne, he made them hope, with all manner of promises,
that he would bring them to the promised land before the coming year began.

3. Thus the inhabitants of Nigeria grew restless with their good condition, and sorely
vexed the president under whose hand they had prospered, so that he would not have the office of the president again, but rather resented it.

4. In those days also the Boko haramites laid siege to the north, and slew of the people three and twenty thousand, intending to set up a kingdom which would be ruled by Islam.

5. Thus the inhabitants of Nigeria remembered not the good deeds of Jonathan, but thrust him out of the throne, and made Buhari president in his stead.

6. Buhari was two-score and twelve years old when he began to reign. He reigned one and a half years in Nigeria, and the land became impoverished under
him and the hausites, the igbolites and yorubites began murmuring against the President.

7. But the President continued to persecute also a few of the people, accusing them and casting them into prison. Thus, the opposition was subdued, the people could not find bread and rice to eat and there was hunger in the land.

8. And the end became uncertain as there was
wailing and gnashing of teeth and as soon as the president heard this he began to travel around d the world and in the middle of his reign he launched a campaign to say to the people "Change begins with you.

9. And in those days, there came a disagreement between the president and his household. And the woman of his 'old age (not youth)' chastised him in a proverb saying 'he who the gods want to remove from position he first makes deaf', as he no longer listens to her.

10. In response to her, while in a far away land with the Germanites, he rebuked her and reminded her of her duties as a wife, saying "while he belongs to everybody and nobody, 'she belongs to the kitchen, the living room and the other room'".

11. And these sentences caused uproar and division in the land, which greatly caused division in the land among its inhabitants..

12 Tell it not in Germany. Tell it not in the streets of Abuja, how art the mighty fallen? Knoweth thou not that Sai Buhari has goofed and it's now "to your tents oh Nigerians!

13. And it came to pass, the eleventh month in the year twenty fifteen, that the LORD sent forth an Ideology through the Son of Sergey, the Russianite whose name was Mavrodi.

14. For he shalt take the people out of slavery and deliver them out of poverty through that Ideology called MMM.

15. CBNites and SECnites shall gang up and fight against thee but thou shalt conquer.

16. And for ye thou follow MMM, thou shalt be safe and be delivered from slavery and poverty. Amen.

Am sure you enjoyed that, Well I didn't compose that myself so I think the Economy was really affecting the Composer of that Tight Joke. Nevertheless, Two Things are for Sure:
1: The Composer really reads the Bible cause he really made use of the Bible's Structure of Words.
2: The Composer is into MMM and knows a lot about it, Yea am sure of that cause this joke even looks like an MMM Advert.

Nevertheless That was a very Funny and Rib-Cracking Joke. Expect more of this as we venture into Christmas. Have a Nice Day!!!



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