Mar 21, 2017

Google Just Added Twenty New Blogger Themes In Four New Categories

I always say this " If i don't like Google for anything, at least i still love the way they keep updating their services". Google is a Company that doesn't leave it's services at an outdated state for long, they always release new features and updates hereby showing their users that they care about them and always available to help them get the best of every service they use.
I feel very glad to inform you about the new themes google has added to it's list of blogger themes, the new themes are classified into 4 sections and are 20 in number.

Google released these themes just after modifying the blogger interface by which they changed the tab that was labelled as "Template" to the new label "Theme".
Every blogger should take note when writing or reading a tutorial on how to setup anything that relates to blogger themes that the label Template is now known and labelled as Theme.

As i already said, the new themes are classified into four categories, which are:

1. Contempo

2. Soho

3. Emporio

4. Notable

Each of these categories has five similar themes with color and design differences each, summing up to twenty themes.
I also noticed that each of the themes was designed with a particular type of blog in mind, for instance - the fifth theme on Soho would look very nice on a blog that talks about Fruits and Food while the fourth theme on the same category may be the best for a Cosmetics and Beauty blog.

However, I kind of prefer the fourth theme on Contempo to all the other themes because of it's stylish font, it really makes it look very attractive and unique.
Soon new bloggers and some old bloggers whom wishes to change their theme would start making use of these new ones and it would surely look good.

The interesting thing is you can customize any of the themes to your taste by changing the fonts, images, colors and style right from the theme menu, that way you do not need to be an JavaScript coding expert in order to customize your theme.

Just open your blogger dashboard and click on the Theme tab and select any of the new themes and customize it if you wish and use it on your blog, it would surely make your blog unique. You can also preview a theme before applying it to your blog.

Why not be the first to use the new blogger themes? It means a lot you know, even if it doesn't win you any award it would surely make you feel very proud of yourself.

Share this post round the internet to inform all Blogger users that Google has shown it cares by providing this well designed and wonderful looking themes.
If your'e already using any of the new themes, just drop your comment and your blog link so we can checkout your site and see how the theme looks on it. Happy Blogging!!!.



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    1. Okay, at least you've noticed it now. I look forward to see you use it on your site.


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