Mar 21, 2017

Vivo Y25s Is A Budget Smartphone With Good Specifications: See Review

Vivo recently released the Y55s Smartphone and now they've also launched a cheaper device that would meet your needs without making you go bankrupt, I mean the Vivo Y25s.

Vivo Y25s

This device is not much of a wonder phone but am very sure it isn't also worthless, in fact many of us would like it for it simplicity and budget price.
It may not have the cool features of the Tecno CX or even the CX Air but it sure has a lot to offer and if you aren't too demanding then you should be just fine with it.

Screen size is 4.5" which i know does not meet up with the current trend of 5.0inches display seen on most devices released this year, it's Android version is 5.1 Lollipop which isn't too old yet as many devices still run on it.

You also get an Internal storage of 16GB, here it meets up the minimum for 2017 Smartphones though the Ram is 1GB which i think shouldn't be a problem except you run a whole lot of apps at the same time.
With the specifications you are seeing i know would be expecting it processor to be nothing more than a dual core old mediatek CPU , but unfortunately and fortunately ( That is if you wish to buy this phone ) for you , the Vivo Y25s has a Quad core 1.3Ghz MT6580 processor.

However it's Camera isn't a surprise, at least not a pleasant one with just 5MP Rear and 2MP Front.
I remember this cameras were invoke about 2years ago but as we know Technology advances every minute and as such it has passed this level of camera quality, but when you're considering your budget and preference scale you wouldn't have a choice than to manage.

It's battery quality too is also a dilemma, how can a device produced in March 2017 be having 1900mAh Battery? Only Budgeting can cause that, I really wished the battery was at least 2500mAh at least to sustain someone in this era where steady electricity is witnessed only on special days. We are in a Social World but this kind of battery capacity can really limit your social activities.
My advice to anyone who wishes to get this device is that you save enough money that can buy you this device and a Powerbank, that's the only way you're going to enjoy your phone.

Now these are what made me feel this device is worthy of Review and might also be a good assistant to our main devices;
• It has a USB On The Go support: Maybe you've forgotten but you've got to remember that this feature allows you use USB Peripherals like Keyboard, Gamepad even a USB Flash Drive.
You can read more about that Here.

• It supports the Trending 4G LTE:
To tell the truth, this is actually the main reason the device caught my eyes despite it's entry specs.
4G LTE is what every smartphone user desires because it makes your online activity move swiftly and fast, you download stuffs over 5times faster than you would you on 3G network.
It is a very good thing it was added and I believe this might make it sell more that it would have without it.

If you're buying this phone because of it's 4G support you have to make sure that it supports the Band of the Mobile Network you're using, Check the Band of all the 4G LTE networks in Nigeria .

That's everything you need to know about Vivo Y25 Smartphone, just take a glance through the summary of the specifications and features.

Key Specifications of Vivo Y25s

• 4.5" Display
• Android 5.1 Lollipop
• Customized UI - FunTouch OS 2.1

• 16GB Onboard Storage
• 1GB Ram

• MT6580 Mediatek Chipset
• Quad-Core 1.3Ghz CPU

• 5MP Back Camera
• 2MP Front

• 4G LTE Support
• USB OTG Support

• 1900mAh Battery

This phone is priced at 35,000Naira in Nigeria, which is equivalent to Rs 7,256 in India .



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