Mar 15, 2017

How To Reply Whatsapp Massage Without Mentioning The Users Name

Some days ago I wrote on how you could mention a participants name in your massage in a whatsapp group, I also informed you that there is another way you can reply massages without mentioning the person's name manually or by using the method i explained . That is what I would teach you today.

I already told you about whatsapp and how quickly it is gaining more users, so it would be best of we knew our shortcuts on it so we could use them to either show off or chat uniquely.
In a group where everybody replies massages mentioning the person they are targeting their reply to, then all of a sudden you start using the 'Reply Tag' ( This is what i call it ), other participants would come after you so you would teach them how you do that.
Am capturing how you would feel when over 50 person's private chat's you to teach them a trick, at that moment you would be feeling like Bill Carson.

So now let's learn this trick, a trick that i believe 40% of people that are reading this post already know.
This trick works on groups and also when you're chatting privately with a user and you wish to reply a particular massage he sent.

But the problem is'  This isn't a trick, It is a official style of reply whatsapp introduced in one of their recent upgrades. Surprised or probably Disappointed?, You better not be cause it's still worth learning even though you can't boost to be smart or being a tech guy with it since it's official and everyone else has access to it and could also use it.

How to Tag and Reply a Whatsapp Massage In a Group or Private Chat

The same procedures apply irrespective of if you want to use it in a group or in your private chat.

√ Open your Whatsapp and go to the Contact or Group whose massage you wish to reply.

√ While inside your chats with the contact or group, Tap and Hold unto the particular massage you want to send a reply to.

√ Once you hold on the massage for some seconds it would be highlighted in blue and Five action buttons would appear at the top of your screen, The buttons from Left to right functions as;
• Tag Massage For Reply
• Star Massage
• Delete Massage
• Copy Massage
• Forward Massage

√ Now you would click on the Tag Massage option that is just before Star massage. The massage you tagged should now appear at the top of your massage typing box.

√ Type in your reply and Send, if you did it correctly it should look like this;

That's all about tagging massages for reply, it is used more in groups than on private chats because groups drop lots of massages at a time so you need this to notify the massage you replied to.

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