Mar 14, 2017

Must Read: How To Differentiate Between Fake And Original Memory Cards Using Your Android Device

how to identify fake SD cards
Fake SD Cards can really be a torn in the flesh, just some weeks ago i had a very horrible and provoking experience while trying to purchase a memory card for my Android smartphone.
I went to an accessory store and requested for a 16 GB SD Card, the seller brought out a Class 10 ( i would explain more on this on my next post where i shall discuss on memory card class ) 16 GB SD Card, i collected it and inserted it into my phone and paid him.

On rebooting my phone to fully install and see if there are any files on the memory card, a notification popped up with the text "Damaged SD Card", the only option it was giving me was to Format. I clicked on the format option but after hanging for a while it brings back the damaged sd notification again, again and again.
I was devastated, i quickly went back to the shop were i bought the memory card and explained to the seller what had just happened.

Well the seller happened to be one who understood how stuffs could misbehave at odd times so he gave me back my money .

I quietly went to the next store and purchased the same type of memory card that just gave me issues, inserted it into my phone and smiled but my smile only lived a short while cause i received the same "Damaged SD Card" notification i had received with the the first one i bought. I almost gave up this time and was about going home to think about the loss when a thought came to me to go and try a different model and class of another memory card. So i went back and told the seller of my predicament and what i just taught could be the solution, he agreed and then exchanged the class 10 faulty SD Card with a Class 4 SanDisk Card and gave it to me.

With all the experience i just got i was already having doubts if this one would work though i was also prepared to bear the loss if it doesn't, so i inserted it into my phone and pressed my power button. when my phone finished booting, i waited some seconds for the damaged sd card massage to pop up but fortunately for me it never did.
My heart was filled with joy once more and then i made the decision to research and find out what actually was the problem of the other two memory cards that made them not work so i can help other people avoid or prevent it, or probably find a solution to it.

I know you would be having the thought that if i had tried formatting those damaged cards with a computer it just might have worked, well am sorry to disappoint you cause i did try that with one of the sellers laptop but it gave a massage that the format operation failed. so you see? it wasn't that my phone didn't have enough power to format it but it was because sd card was damaged beyond format.

I went on with my plan to find out the cause why those SD Cards produced by the same company were damaged just by putting it into my phone. Thoughts started running through my head but there were three of them which sounded reasonable to me, and these were;

1. That my phone was infected with a virus that damages any memory card i inserted into it:

 i quickly cancelled this thought cause even though i didn't have an Anti-virus on my phone, i scanned for viruses regularly using a PC.

2. That the Capacity of the Sd Cards were too big for my phone;

 i almost fell for this thought before i quickly recalled that it is still the same capacity of memory card that is working very well now on my phone.

Lastly i had the final point which i believed was surely the cause, it was:

3. That my phone doesn't support Class 10 SD Cards;

 Wooo! I exclaimed, how come i haven't thought of this all this while? this must really be the reason, i felt. But when i researched further about SD Card Classes and what they mean't, i quickly got to also throw this point overboard as i found it wasn't also the reason for the damage.

Now i had nothing to hold onto as the reason for what happened to those sd cards and i wasn't happy about that cause if it were to be a fault from my part then other people may also get into the same mess someday if they should make the same mistake i made, and as their case may be they might not be lucky enough to have the seller replace it for them or even refund their money and am sure you know what the outcome might be.

The thought of that incident repeating itself made me loss my sleep for two nights so i could get to the root of the matter and also find a solution to it.

Guess What? I did find the fault and to add butter to bread, i also found the solution.

I was glad i did, irrespective of my paining eyes resulting from lack of adequate sleep.

All my thoughts didn't even go near the fault neither was my thoughts providing a solution to it, what i found out as the cause really shocked me that i had never thought about it all this while.

Even a Layman could have quickly thought about if those memory cards were "Original", yes cause that was actually the cause. The memory cards were Fake!

The class of an SD Card does not determine it's authenticity because if it were to be by class then the two class 10 memory cards should have been better than the class 4 that worked cause in the theory of sd card classes, the higher the number the faster and also the better.

Been fake or original isn't about the class of the card nor the size, any company can produce any class and size of memory so it doesn't make it a ranking factor for authenticity.

The Authenticity of an SD Card is determined by the Company that produced it, That is the whole truth about this. Remember i told you the two memory cards were of the same producer and class? that was why both of them didn't work.
Now i knew what the problem was so i had to find a solution to it else there wouldn't be any use finding the fault in the first place.

Since the fault was producer dependent, i wouldn't be able to publish a list of memory card producers and say " These are Original while the others are Fake", that wouldn't be right and would also mean am trying to spoil another man's business. But i had to let the cat out of the bag somehow so i tore open the under of the bag.

Here is what i did, instead of me to publish a list of fake sd card producers of which i knew would never be accurate neither would it be complete. I then went on a search once more and this time i found the perfect solution to the issue without having to mention any producers name.

I re-discovered an App that could tell you the Manufacturer of an sd card and also the Exact Capacity of the card, i don't know if you've ever bought maybe an 8 GB memory card and inserted it into your device and then later found out that you could not store more than 5 GB worth of files. I know the feeling you get when such thing happens.

This app i speak about is an app that i had used before on my older android device which got damaged before i purchased the one am using now, I got the app back by going to my Google Play Store Apps History and then found it as one of my uninstalled apps.

You can also retrieve apps you've used on any of your devices before that isn't installed on your new device by opening your Play Store and then click on the Menu button at the top left, now you should click on My Apps and Games and it would bring up a list of apps you've used on your devices in order of Installed to the Uninstalled, that's just it.

Back to checking the authenticity of your memory card, you just have to follow the steps below.

1. Download and Install "SD Insight" app on your Android device, You can download it by making a search on Play Store or more conveniently use this Link To Download SD Insight.

2. Once you buy a new memory card and insert into your phone, the first thing you should do is to open your installed SD Insight. Once the app opens it would show you you in Bold and Colored text "The Manufacturer Of The SD Card Inserted","The Model" "The Size" and the "Date It Was Manufactured", isn't that wonderful?  It still doesn't end there, When you click on the "Eye Icon" at the top right of the app you would be able to see some Technical information about the card such as it's Bus Location and all that.

How do i know if the card i inserted is original?

Once the app shows the name of the developer in bold red colored text then you should know that the SD Card manufacturer is recognized and as such the card is 80-95% Original.

download sd insight apk 

But if its shows the name of the manufacturer as "Unknown" then you should be careful or better still not buy that card else it might get damaged soon or even contact viruses easily.

The app can also be used to check information about your Internal Storage too, just too good to be true isn't it?

This app is very simple to understand and also gives you the necessary information you require, by using this app you would never fall victim to fake sd card sellers that sell 2 GB memory cards as 8GB.

We are in hard times now so nobody wants to waste money on fake stuffs especially when those stuffs could cost us our files, Just as when i had an older MTN Smart Mini smartphone and unknowing to me the memory card i bought was fake. After storing all my delicate files on it one day it just popped up the sd card damaged massage and that was how i lost all my files.

I believe anyone who read this post has learnt a very great lesson and also a simple solution to a hectic and long-lived fault, It is only an unappreciative person that wouldn't share this post so others can also be aware of this and not fall victims to it.

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