May 6, 2017

MTN Free Browsing 2017 With Gameplus Data

MTN free browsing is still working this 2017 with the free gameplus data, all you need to do is tweak the imei provided below on your android phone and follow the instructions and you would be browsing free in no time.
2017 Free Browsing Cheats

Most of us can still remember the MTN Game plus free browsing that we enjoyed last year, then it was even renewable and to an extent it was considered the best if it's kind, then we also had the MTN Musicplus free browsing blazing too and most of us used some good amount of data before MTN stopped these free browsing by making us pay when we send the sms to receive the data for either of the two.

The exciting thing now is that MTN seems to have forgotten about the gameplus data bundle and the charge for sending the subscription SMS has also been removed, though i haven't checked if you can resubscribe after the first subscription.

The gameplus subscription gives you 300MB data that allows you visit just the MTN gameplus website but with the aid of VPN apps we were and is now still able to use it to browse and download for free.

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Settings For MTN Gameplus Free Browsing;

Before you start setting up your VPN app you need to have gotten the Free 300mb game plus data, to get the data send JW to 131 and check your data balance by dialing *559# and your Game plus data would show 300MB.
Now you can follow the steps below to get it working and to power all your apps.

1. Download and Install Psiphon Pro Lite VPN

2.Start the app and set it up as below
- Tick Remove Port
• Proxy Type - Real Host
• Proxy Server -
• Real Proxy Type - Inject
• Real Proxy Server - 80

Now you can save but don't Connect yet.

3. Goto More Options and configure as below
• Host Address -
• Host Port - 8080
Save and Go back.

4. Choose Either USA or Best Performance as your preferred region.
Connect and in less than a minute your free browsing should be up and running.

If you face any difficulties setting it up, you can use the comment box and i would get back to you as soon as possible. Make sure you Share this to your friends.



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  1. Not working... It's saying the command is not correct.. When sending jw to 131

    1. That's strange, you can confirm it worked for Dele Sule from his comment however i shall make sure i fix it as soon as possible.

      Thank you for notifying me.


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