May 6, 2017

MMT Smart E-Strap Turns Your Watch Into Smartwatch

The new MMT Smart E-Strap turns your ordinary watch into what is referred to as a Smartwatch, Magnificent isn't it? Well it's this simple, Buy the E-strap and look classy on your one time low cost watch.
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Do you have a leather watch you love so much? Maybe because it was given to you as a gift from a dear friend. Am sure you must have seen some Smart Watches that are being produced everyday which are capable of reading your steps, monitoring your sleep pattern and lots of other advanced functions, i also believe you admire those watches but because you have one you wouldn't want to stop wearing you decided not to buy them.

Well the good news is that you can now get all the features of that Smartwatch on your regular watch - Yes you can!.
All you need to do is buy MMT's (Manufacture Modules Technology) new Smart E-Strap and have it attached to your watch.

The E-Strap works just as any other smartwatch just that instead of been a full watch it is a leather with a Buckle that has Sensors in it.

This means that E-Strap can easily be fixed onto any watch and it would still perform it's functions since the sensors are stored on the buckle.

The E-strap battery life lasts for one whole week which to me is good enough, at least when compared to Apple's Watch that lasts for just 18 hours.
With the E-strap you could properly keep track of your sleep and fitness, This is achieved as the Sensors on the buckle transmits data to the installed MMT-365 App allowing it monitoring your steps and sleep, Good thing is it is also Water Resistant.

MMT says the Smart E-Strap would costs between $200 to about $250, Which is between 63000 Naira to 78000 Naira.

Would you buy this E-Strap and transform your watch into a Smartwatch? Sure though i believe it's price would make some of us abstain.



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