Mar 11, 2017

Show The World You're Rich By Buying This Expensive App On PlayStore For 22,286Naira

Sometimes i just can't help it but wonder what technology is actually driving at, what is it even turning people to?
I was just exploring my playstore app this morning and lo and behold i found this so called "I Am Rich" app that sells for over 22,000Naira, isn't that insane?

I know you might be thinking that the app must surely have some important functions it performs that makes it worth that price but am so sorry to disappoint you cause this app doesn't do any thing, it doesn't even have minor functions let alone having advanced features. When i say this app does nothing i truly mean it, the app is just so worthless!.

A review of the app on playstore says the app is just to show people that you are rich and does nothing else, that means once someone takes your phone and opens your app drawer and finds the ' I Am Rich ' app the person would automatically know you are indeed very rich to have bought that app.

I still don't feel that's enough reason anyone would buy an that does nothing but showing you off as a rich guy or lady, not in this present recessional stage Nigeria is passing through and for me " Not Ever ".

This app in question was developed by
"Penitex", based in Slovakia though i don't know yet if that's an individual or a company. The description of this app on Playstore reads " With this app you can be Rich ", this made me to think the app was some kind of Fetish incorporated stuff considering how much it was selling at, not until i read a review of what the app does.

For those of you who might be interested on showing off with this android super expensive app, below are the steps you would take to have it installed on your device.

$ Open your Playstore app and search for "I Am Rich", It should be the first result that would be displayed.

$ You can confirm if it is the app by checking the developer name which should be "Penitex" and the Price tag which currently is "22,286.57Naira". Now you can click to view the app.

$ Click on the price tag and accept, a popup should come up asking you to select or add a payment method, Now you would have to enter your Card details ( ATM Card ) and click continue.

$ If an OTP ( One Time Password ) is required to complete the payment then you would be asked to input it but if it isn't then your payment would be made successfully and you would watch 22,286.57Naira go out of your bank balance and a debit alert would be sent to your phone.

$ Now the app would be installed in your device and you can now open to view the picture below.

$ Showing you and your friends or better said ' The People you wish to show off to ' that picture with a Gold shape and some foreign cash is all what the app does, don't expect any additional functionality.

I wish you Goodluck in your 'Showing Off Adventures' but for me.... I'd rather give that amount to a begger than waste it online showing off.
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  1. 22,000,00 for what? I don't think anyone can buy it

    1. I asked and am still asking the same question "For What?", though i believe some show off and high classed persons would still buy it.


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