Mar 11, 2017

Free Browsing With Cell C Whatsapp Bundle In South Africa Using Psiphon VPN

South African fans here on Contechsblog, here comes a trending free browsing with Cell C network with the right settings just for you.
I know I've always posted mostly naija stuffs but this am remembering my South African guys with this free browsing tweak that works real good.

You guys at South Africa must be truly aware that Cell C network gives free access to Whatsapp of which i believe is unlimited but the problem is that you won't be able to browse other sites or use apps that requires a normal data bundle to run hereby restricting you to just Whatsapp.

That is exactly what this free browsing setting is here to solve, with this setting you would now be able to browse and download using the free whatsapp bundle on other websites and apps.
The steps to set it are listed below;

1. You must have installed Psiphon Pro Lite VPN on your device, if you've not then you should download and install it from this Link.

2. Put in your Cell C Sim on your phone and turn on mobile data ( make sure it's either on 3G or 4G, 2G is very slow and might not connect ).

3. Open your Psiphon app and set it as follows;

√ Proxy type- real host
√ Proxy server-
√ Real proxy type- default
√ Real proxy port- 80
√ Save it.

√ When it saves and opens, Set your Preferred Region as USA

√ Click on More Options and tick HTTP, use the setting below as your Http settings; 

√ Host Address:
√ Port; 3128
Now you can go back and click on Connect.

If you set it up correctly then your free browsing should connect and start browsing within some secs and then you can start downloading your favourite movies or read the latest news online, its totally up to you.

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