Mar 31, 2017

Tweakware Version 5.9 Keeps Glo 0.0K Free Browsing Working Without Limits

This Glo 0.0kobo free browsing is the eldest of all free browsing's released between 2016 and 2017, It has been working since last year and is still working till date.
Tweakware on it's own part keeps updating it's settings to enable us continue browsing and downloading with the Glo 0.0 tweak, it has recently released it's version 5.9 of the app ant this version really improves the Glo 0.0 tweak.

This new version of tweakware increased the number of free servers to 26, I can still remember when there were just 3 free servers on the app, then you would have to keep trying for almost 30mins before you finally get connected, all those are in the past now with these massive increment of free servers on the app.
However i feel it's high time tweakware app programmers increased the number if premium servers, it's very discouraging as they keep increasing free servers and leaving the paid servers at just 5, They are unknowingly telling customers not to upgrade to premium servers, I hope they look into this soon and probably fix it on their next update.

I don't think it's necessary to give you the steps of connecting the Glo 0.0 tweak since we've been using it here for a long time and you can also follow the steps discussed here to set it up.
Nevertheless, for the sake of the those that may be hearing about this free browsing for the first time, I would give an intro about the tweak and the easy steps to get it running.


Glo 0.0kb requires nothing you can't afford, all you need is your * Android device, *a Glo Sim with empty balance ( 0.0 ) and no data bundle, *Tweakware 5.9 App which you can download by clicking on the name, *Strong Glo 3G/4G Network.

Once you have all those ready, you can now go ahead and follow the easy steps below to set it up and start browsing for free.
Note that you using a premium server would assure you better stability, you can upgrade to premium servers by creating an account through the link you downloaded the app and pay the sum of 500 Naira to have your account upgraded to premium.
You would have to login your account on the app through the account settings ( you can ask questions using the comments if you find this difficult ).

Steps To Connect Glo 0.0kobo Tweak;

√ Open your installed Tweakware 5.9 app ( I presume you must have turned on your data connection already, It doesn't require any special APN settings ).

√ If you have upgraded your account to premium, login your premium account into the app otherwise simply choose any of the free servers as it shown on the screenshot below.

√ On the tweak options select Glo 0.0K
And click on the Connect button

√ Once connected you should minimize the tweakware app and start browsing and downloading for free

NOTE; If it doesn't connect and rather says "Maximum number of free users reached", you should keep trying till it connects or select another free server.
The biggest advantage of upgrading to a premium account is because you would never receive the maximum number of users notification.

If you're unfortunate to be in a place with an unstable Glo network like some parts in Abuja, you won't be able to enjoy this Glo 0.0k tweak but you can also try any of these other working free browsing tweaks.



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  1. I have wanted to root my phone but I have no idea about starting it. I love this article, can it work on Android that hasn't been rooted?

    1. So very sorry for my late reply. Yeah, Tweakware works on non-rooted devices.

  2. nice post keep it up with you sir


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