Apr 2, 2017

Check The Status Of Your National Identity Card Online

Registering for the NIMC card is one thing, getting it when it's ready is another. Most of us had registered for our NIMC card for long but are yet to receive it, this is most of the time caused by the very slow speed at which the cards are processed hereby leaving us with the believe that our cards aren't ready yet.
NIMC doesn't send you any sort of notification when your card is ready so you would have to keep checking at the office where you enrolled until you get your card, and not everyone has that patience and time to keep checking so they just relax and decide to check back after a long time.

The National Identity Card is something very important to every individual and as such should be gotten as soon as it is ready, but would you continue checking on their office for the whole of the year before you get the card? No you wouldn't ever have to check on their office, you can check the status of your card online with your PC, Smartphone or any other internet enabled device.

I registered for my card 3 months ago and i was curious on knowing when my it would be ready for collection, I asked a staff at the office and he told me to check back the next week that it would be ready by then.
From what i had being told being told about processing a NIC, I knew the date he gave me was too optimistic and was surely under probability, one that has a 98% chance of not happening.

I didn't check back the next week and i that left me with the thought of " This card may be ready" but how would i be too sure it was, that was when i remembered i could check if it was ready by visiting the NIMC website.
You can find the website URL on the footer of your enrollment transaction slip ( the temporary paper id ).

You too can check the status of your NIC card from the comfort of your home, just follow the steps below.

Check If Your NIC Card Is Ready Online;

Click Here to visit the site and click on Proceed

√ Fill in your details as it is on your enrollment transaction slip, make sure your first name and surname are as they are on the slip.

√ Fill in the 6 digits of your Enrollers ID, do not add the letters.

√ Click on Check Now and if your details are correct you would be presented your result asking you to visit your registration centre to pick up your card but if it is not yet the result would tell you check back after a week.

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