Mar 10, 2017

With Just Your Android Device You Can Start Earning Up To 50000Naira Monthly Working As An Airtel Smart Agent

This Job offer has been around for some time now and is still open, Airtel brought this opportunity in order to reduce the number of unemployed youths in the country.

You don't have to be too techy to be able to work as an Airtel Smart agent neither do you need to have a laptop before you can apply.
All that is required for this job is just having an Android Smartphone running version 4.0 or above ( which i believe 98% of Android users are running above version 4.0 ).

What would you be doing as an Airtel Smart Agent?

An Airtel Smart Agents's work is simply Selling of Airtime and Sim Cards and Registration of Sim, nothing more. There isn't any much work in it so anyone can do it.

What are the Requirement's?

All you need to become a smart agent are just;

√ A well built Shop in a convenient location.

√ An Android Device that runs on at least version 4.0 or above.
You can check this List for a Compatible one of your choice.

How to Apply?

You can apply in three ways;

√ By Visiting an Airtel Shop.

√ By Dialing 743 on your Airtel line and follow the instructions. Finally....

√ By Downloading the Application Form Online and following the instructions, you can download the form Here.

After applying?

√ You would receive a call from an Airtel staff to review your request.

√ If you are approved then you would be trained and certified as an authorised sim card registration agent.

√ The Airtel Registration App would be installed on your device and you would be required to buy a Scanner.

√ Airtel would give you a welcome tool kit and then you are now fully an Airtel Smart Agent.

Don't miss out on this opportunity cause it would surely increase your Bank balance if you do it with passion and determination.
Anyone can apply so you don't have to hesitate, also it doesn't require much technical no how as you would be trained by them before you start.

As i earlier said, this job has been available for a while so if you're interested you had better apply now that there is still vacancy.Also while working don't forget to tell your customers of this Airtel Trending Bonus Offer.
Contechs Wishes You Goodluck.



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