Mar 10, 2017

Enjoy 20x Bonus Offer On Your Recharge On Airtel To Call And Browse; Valid For 30Days

This offer is just too good! it is surely time for all those that has multiple Airtel sims to reap the fruit of their labour. Airtel is giving away 20times worth of Voice and Data bonus to customers who haven't used their sim for the past 30days. That is to say that this offer works best on sims that has not been recharged or used to make call or send an SMS for the past 30days.

If you have an Airtel sim that you've not used for a month now, just bear it in mind that the worth of that sim has just gone beyond your expectation as you can get 500Naira Voice bonus with 1500Naira worth of data by just recharging your sim with 100Naira airtime and then dial airtel's 20x bonus shortcode! Exciting isn't it? It sure is!

Rush now and pick up that Airtel sim you've dumped for some time now and recharge with just 100Naira or more to get 20x bonus on the value of recharge you made, it's as easy as that.

How to Get the Airtel 20x Bonus

Getting this offer is no big deal and doesn't require any tweak, just follow the steps below;

√ Get your Airtel Sim that hasn't been used in a while ( at least 30days )

√ Choose the Amount you wish to recharge and also know that any amount you recharge is the amount of bonus you receive in twenty folds i.e If you recharge 500Naira, you would receive 20x bonus of 500Naira as Voice and Data.

√ Now recharge your line with the amount you've decided and dial *241# or you can directly dial the short code along with the amount you recharged I.e if you recharged #500 then you should dial *241*500# and *241*100# for #100 and so it goes.

√ You would then be given 20x bonus of your recharge in forms of Voice ( For Calls ) and Data ( For Browsing ).

√ All Bonuses are Valid for 30Days and you can check your balance by dialing *123#.

Recharge Amount and Value of Voice and Data Bonus Given

Voice Bonus= #500
Data Bonus= #1500

Voice Bonus= #1000
Data Bonus= #3000

Voice Bonus= #1500
Data Bonus= #4500

Voice Bonus= #2500
Data Bonus= #7500

Voice Bonus= #5000
Data Bonus= #15000

Rush Now and Don't Be Left Out!
Airtel Rock's!!!.



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  1. Get proxy video list to unblock essential videos which can be important for your work.

    1. This isn't at all related to the post, hope it's worth it.

  2. Thanks Confy.The 20x airtel package is real but I have an issue with checking the balance. *123# doesn't help at all. However *223# does. But data bonus that displayed for the *241*100# package is just 100Mb and not the promised 1500Mb.
    Have you encountered this?

    1. Hello Joshua, Thanks for your response.

      How much were you given for calls aside the 100MB you saw?

  3. I did the *241*100# package and got N500 call bonus and only 100Mb data bonus. I don't want to believe that Airtel is just promising 1500MB in vain.
    And besides, *123# doesn't display any bonus balance. Only *223# does. Thanks

    1. Hi Joshua, am very sorry about that, however i shall find out from some other person whom activated the package recently to know if the data bonus was reduced or if it has always been like that.

  4. Okay Confy Thanks.
    I was given the expected N500 for call

    1. Thanks once more for your response.

      However i believe we were the ones whom misunderstood Airtel, The bonus you received was what you were meant to receive,the fact is that they confused customers by promising to give N1500 worth of data, which in normal circumstances is about 2GB.

      Am very sorry about your experience, Thanks for stopping by and i hope to keep hearing from you.

  5. I have been enjoy 20x offer before but now I want to activate it again and it write to me that dear customer, this offer is not available to you, what can I do to get it

  6. I got these bonuses but I'm unable to use them. Airtel hasn't been known to scam yet. Now's not a perfect time to start...


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