Apr 16, 2017

Web Hosting Service Provider Domainking Is Back Online With New Prices; Review

Domainking.ng is back with new domain and web hosting prices that are very cheap and incredibly affordable, The Nigerian domain registrar that has been off for months now is fully back as promised by them some weeks ago and you can now login to your domainking account.
Godaddy Hosting Like Domainking in Nigeria

This is truly good news to all those hosting their websites and blog with domainking, it is a thing of joy for those whom haven't moved their domain to another registrar during the time domainking was unavailable because you can now comfortably log on to your account and change whatever thing you wish without going through any long process.

During the time the website was down, i posted a procedure of which you could login to your domainking dashboard and probably change your dns settings or get your epp code which you you need to move your domain to another registrar, i also informed you that domainking is set to be back and suggested you wait for the their arrival if your domain expiration date was still far, Well if you took that advice then am sure you must be smiling where you are now.

Domainking didn't just come back empty handed rather they came back with cheaper domain prices, probably the cheapest price you can buy a domain. You also get up to 30% on a web hosting plan and 10% off with a domainking coupon code.
The prices for domains have been reduced, the old prices for domainking domains were;

4500 Naira for .Com

1700 Naira for .Com.Ng

12500 Naira for .Ng

5600 Naira for .Org

6000 Naira for .Xyz

The 2017 New Domainking Prices For Domain Are;

.Com - 4000 Naira

.Com.Ng - 999 Naira

.NG - 9699 Naira

.Org - 5600 Naira

.XYZ - 499 Naira

Cheapest web hosting in Nigeria

From the list you must have noticed that the price for a .Org domain remained the same while the cost for a .Xyz domain reduced drastically to 499 Naira from 6000 Naira.

 Services Domainking Offer;

1. Web Hosting

2. Wordpress Blog Hosting

3. Domain Names

4. Email Hosting

5. SSL Certificates

Domainking Payment Methods;

Domainking has lots of payments method which includes:

1. Voguepay

2. CashEnvoy

3. Perfect Money

4. Payza

5. Web Money

6. PayPal

Domainking vs Godaddy Web Hosting

Why you should choose Domainking

1. They value your money by providing hosting and domain services at cheapest rates.

2. They are government certified and accredited with Nira which means you can rely on them for quality service.

3.  They have an active 24/7 live and email support to attend to your questions and complains at all times.

Domainking is back to stay and you shouldn't have double thoughts of moving back to it or purchasing a web hosting or domain name from them, Click here to login or signup for any domainking service and make sure you come back for a coupon code which i shall post here soon.



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