Apr 7, 2017

Forward Text Massage To Email On iPhone Without Copy Pasting

We always want the easiest methods of performing tasks on our devices that is why we keep searching for the latest tip and tricks for our dear gadgets.

Before now we had to copy massages on our iPhone before we could forward it as a mail but there is now a simpler method to do this that wouldn't need you to copy the text massage.

This method could be referred to as the forwarding method, just follow the steps;

1. Open your massages app and navigate to the the conversation you want to forward as mail

2. Double tap on it and a pop up would appear with options that includes More and Copy

3. You would find a small circle beside each massage while the one you selected would be ticked blue

4. Tick the small circle beside the massages if you want to forward more than one

5. You would find a Forward arrow at the bottom right of the screen, Click on it and it should take you to a new window where you type in the email address you want to forward the massage to and send.

You also use this method to forward videos, images and iMassages from your iPhone, it is very stressful and easy to use.



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