Apr 7, 2017

Who Viewed My Whatsapp Profile? How To Find Out

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Ever wondered how much time and who viewed your whatsapp profile? Though it doesn't change anything if we know but we just might want to know for fun or whatviewedd
You might be having a crush on one of your whatsapp friends but she may not have given you that impression that she's also having a crush on you, well if you happen to find out she always views your profile am sure that would give you the courage to walk up to her and make your feelings known.

Just as we know, Whatsapp doesn't officially have the support for showing you people that viewed your profile but as humans we are always curious and our curiosity must be satisfied.

Yes it's possible for you to find out, there are many tutorials online willing to help you find out who viewed you whatsapp profile but most of the procedures they talk about are either to long to follow or they don't work as expected, mind you that most applications that claims to show you the persons that visited your whatsapp profile ar just pranks and do not work at all.

We are going to make use of an Android application called " Whats Tracker ", this app allows you view the profiles you visited, shows you your contacts and most importantly - shows you people whom have visited your profile.
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The app has a premium version which does not contain ads and has more tracking features than the free version, The pro version updates the list of people that viewed your profile on a daily basis unlike the free version that updates it per week.

This app supports devices running Android version 4.1 and above and is only 8.95mb in size, You can download it from playstore by searching for whats tracker.

How To Use Whats Tracker To Find Out Who Viewed Your Whatsapp Profile

Whats tracker isn't hard to use, all you have to do is follow the simple steps below

1. Download and Install Whats Tracker from Google Playstore

2. Open the application and agree to the policy of use

3. Fill your name and whatsapp number and sign in on the app

4. The app would open with 3 Tabs, which are;
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  • Contacts - This shows you all your whatsapp contacts
  • Visited - Here you would see all the whatsapp profiles you've visited
  • Visitor - This is our point of interest, the names you see here are the people that viewed your whatsapp profile.
5. From the Visitors tab you would be able to know the the persons that viewed your whatsapp profile without stress.

What you should know about Whats Tracker free version:

  • It has lots of ads
  • It doesn't update the list of contacts that viewed your profile daily rather it updates it weekly
  • You can't track and get info about your contacts as it is on the pro version
  • I noticed it only shows your contacts whom viewed your profile, i don't know yet if it's the same thing on the pro version.
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