Apr 4, 2017

Konga Jokes Apart Caused Terror Among Customers

The way our online markets tend to do thing this days is making me wonder if really they wish us well, how can one just wake up one morning and decide to check his mail only to find a mail from Konga online market telling you that they aren't joking anymore, in their own words they said it is jokes apart.

I was terrified and asked myself "What could i have done that will make Konga tell me this sort of thing", I could not grab on anything.
I went through my Konga account history to check if i had ordered a goods that i refused paying for or something of that nature but i didn't find any.

It got me very worried and uncomfortable even though i was in my house. It was until i decided to check the mail to see if what i did to wrong them was stated there that i got to find out that the konga jokes apart mail was only an April fools week promo sales theme.

My God! What kind of thing is this? So it was because of a promo sale that konga decided to disturb my mind with such a threatening mail title?those were my words as continued to wonder how much discount konga would provide on the promo sales.

But on a serious note! What are all these online market trying to do to their customers? The other day it was Jumia whom said an Earthquake had happened at their head office, I can still remember the experience that incident gave me, now it is Konga telling us Jokes Apart as though they were starting a fight with us. Judging from the way things are going i wouldn't be surprised to see Jiji send customers mail with title "Get Out Of Your House And Grab This Offer!".

Well that's just that about that but am very sure i can never have any strange feeling the next time i receive any of awkward title online market mail and i urge you not to be afraid too.
Bravo Konga - Bravo Jumia, We expect more mouth watering offers and promo sales from you, we appreciate!.



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