Apr 5, 2017

Why - When And How To Browse With Incognito Tabs

I would start by telling us what incognito means, Incognito is a word that was originated from the Latin word "Incognitus" which is the state of concealing one's identity.
However incognito browsing can be simply know as the browsing with your identity concealed though your service provider may still be able to track the sites you visit but your sites won't be saved in your browser history neither would cookies nor information you enter on the site be saved on your browser.

Incognito Browsing helps you browse the internet and visit websites that you don't want anybody to later check your browser history and find out you visited. It saves you from losing important browsing history just because you want to clear some sites you visited that you wouldn't want anybody to see.

Most browsers these days including chrome, Firefox, uc browser and others have the incognito browsing feature.
They all have similar procedures to browse in incognito mode but am going to show you how you can browse in incognito mode using the three browsers i mentioned.


√ Goto Menu
√ Select "New Incognito Tab" as shown in the picture below.


Method 1;
√ Goto Menu
√ Select New Private Tab
√ That's all.


Method 2;
√ Click on the Tabs icon
√ Click on the Incognito symbol
√ And finally Click on the Tab icon as shown in the screenshot below.

UC Browser

√ Click on the Tabs icon
√ Click on the Incognito sign
√ Finally, click on the tab icon, follow the screenshot below.

Note that other browsers also have this incognito browsing feature and the procedures of using it isn't very different from these.
Remember to use this feature only when you don't want the websites you visit to be saved in your browser's history, don't use it when you're visiting sites that you may want to later check back on via history as you won't find them there.



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