Apr 6, 2017

PPSSPP Latest Version 1.4 Android PSP Emulator Is Very Fast And Smooth

You could say am a game freak and my answer would be proudly "Yes" but that was actually before Contechsblog, since i started blogging I've had to let go of some of my hobbies and focus only on blogging and now blogging has become my number one hobby.
Despite being a blogger, i love to test applications on every device i own, be it an Android, iOS or even Windows. It is what i love doing, by doing that i also get to find out some interesting apps which i blog about so others could get the apps too.

Growing up was fun with different game consoles available though i didn't own much of them, i remember having a VCD Game that was said to have about 300 Games but i found out most of the games were duplicated, it was really fun playing then games with friends who came visiting.
PPSSPP Latest Version
However i have been using the PpSsPp app ( PSP Emulator ) on my android devices for as long as i can remember, i knew when the app was still at a version 0.xx, then some games were not playable and you needed a very fast device to be able to run most games. The programmers kept upgrading the app and made it to support most of the games it didn't support initially, they didn't just make it support more games but they also made sure the app was increasing in game speed.

The app became what it was expected to be when it got to version 1.2, that was when i knew the programmers weren't ready to give up on the app. The version 1.2 had everything an android PSP Emulator should provide and even more, it had different options and tweaks to suit any device along with it's support for an external controller that could be connected either by using a USB On The Go cable or by Bluetooth.

I taught that was the end since almost everyone was already satisfied with the app but the programmers kept pushing more exciting feature to the app, updates continued and here we are with the latest version 1.4.
You can imagine how powerful the app has become, right now i don't think there is still any PSP Rom that the app doesn't support.
PPSSPP Roms Download
The reviews of this app on Playstore is enough to convince anybody to download or even buy the Gold version which isn't expensive, the gold version is just a donation version of the emulator, it has no better or extra features than the normal version but i would advice you buy it at least to help the programmers whom are already doing a good to do a better job.
I won't advice you to use the get paid playstore apps for free trick to get this app, it deserves some money from you and it isn't even asking for a lot.



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