Apr 6, 2017

Do You Use Whatsapp Gifs? It Could Come In Handy When Expressing Your Feelings

Social media is part of our lives now, it is in fact a part that we won't leave anytime soon, this is because the platforms keep upgrading and bringing new features that continues to make using it a fun stuff.

Whatsapp gif

I always say this and would say it again, Whatsapp is growing to become the most used social media platform and i see it achieving that in a short time.
With every update it gets it brings something new that is capable of getting anyone excited, Facebook on the other hand is doing great, it hasn't been long they launched the Stories and Camera Effects feature but seriously, i see Whatsapp surpassing Facebook in the near future. Everyone has his or her own opinion though, so you are free to have the opposite of my thought.

The whatsapp gif feature is a feature that allows send animate images to contacts or friends during chats just as you send an emoji, most of these gifs images are human while others are cartoon and very few are effects.
Some of the gif images have text in them whereby the text could either be telling the action of the person in the image or it is some kind of funny write-up. Most of them are very funny, there are funny faces, funny actions and expressions and also sad but laughable ones.

Contechsblog whatsapp group

You can access the gif feature while typing a massage by touching the emoji icon and then click on Gif by the bottom and select the gif image you want to send, you can preview the image before sending and also add a caption to it.
It's a very interesting feature, fun and easy to use though you can't use it with the Tag reply feature.



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