Apr 12, 2017

Protect Your Adsense Account From Ban And Invalid Clicks By Using The Adsense Chrome Publisher Toolbar

How to protect adsense account against ban and invalid clicks

We all know getting an Adsense account is not easy these days, my country man would say "No be Beans" and truly it ain't no beans. One would have to wait for a time you are not too sure of when it would come, the three days adsense say's they would use to review your website is what i call "Optimistic Date", there is a very high probability that the review of your site may take up to a week, weeks or even a month. Nobody is sure of why it happens that way but we just take it to be slow network, huge number of websites to be reviewed and probably the location where we applied from.

With all the stress you might go through while trying to get your adsense application approved, am very sure you wouldn't want to lose it in a hurry.
Adsense is very quick to suspend or even ban an account, they might notify when they discover something fishy going on in your account and if you fail to take prompt action to solve the problem they informed you about the next thing they would do is suspend your account or worse Ban!.
Reasons why Adsense bans accounts

When adsense approves an application, they send some mails to the publisher letting him know about the do's and don'ts being an adsense publisher, Most persons with excitement that their application has been approved would not bother to check on the mails that was sent to them.
The terms and conditions, policies of adsense you would find in the mail are the same conditions the publisher had agreed to when signing up.
I believe adsense sends those mails to refresh the mind of the publisher on the agreement he/she had agreed to before been accepted into the network, but since a larger percent of new adsense publishers do not bother to check these mails they easily forget and fail to keep to the signed agreement which would result in the ban of their account for life.

Lots of things can cause adsense to ban an account, all of which are written on the adsense publishers agreement and policy. Your account could get banned for reasons ranging from wrong placement of ads to clicking on your ads, Adsense deals mercilessly with publishers who click on their own ads, you might not be informed but by the end of the month you would discover that your adsense account has been banned for invalid clicks.
Invalid clicks comprises of different types of clicks that are not worthy of payment such as clicks on your ads by bots or clicks you make yourself.

The issue of clicking on your own ads is one that has gotten many adsense publishers account banned, once adsense notices it they may either suspend your account, ban it immediately or at the end of the month. Many of us would say we clicked on the ads by mistake, Adsense doesn't give much hearing to your mistakes, they see you as their service provider while they are your customer but publishers see's this other way round.
Adsense banning you to them is like taking back a contract they had given to you and you deserve no apology or whatsoever, until the knowledge that adsense is your customer sinks into your mind you may not be able to keep to the conditions you agreed to keep.

What to do to avoid ban on adsense

If you really want to last long with adsense then you have no other option than keep to the rules and not click your own ads, however there are times when we are putting some widgets in our website that we by mistake click on our ad, this is a very common thing and it is also a common reason why most adsense accounts are being banned. There is little to nothing you can do to prevent this because even if you choose to use a different device that you have never used to log in to adsense to be checking to see if your widgets are working well, multiple clicks from that device would still be counted as invalid clicks and might also get your account banned.

It's a good thing adsense brought a solution, The Adsense Publisher Toolbar is an extension that you add to your Chrome desktop browser. It saves you from invalid clicks of clicking on your own ads, it goes ahead to give you a clearer understanding of your ads and the websites or ad types that is currently being shown on them. With this extension you can monitor and setup your adsense units without fear of accidental clicks or anything of such nature, it is the best way to test your adsense units while still maintaining a good adsense publisher record.

The publisher toolbar does not work only with adsense, it also works with Doubleclick Ad Exchange, Doubleclick for Publishers and Google Analytics.
Once you install the toolbar you would have to sign in to the service you want to use it with, once you sign in to your adsense account and allow the toolbar to access your account, the publisher toolbar would automatically start protecting your account.

Features and Services you would get with the Adsense Publisher Toolbar are:

1. Account overview and earnings for the day, week and month by just clicking on the toolbar icon.

2. An option to show an overlay on your website ads, this overlay provides detailed information about the ads displayed, the information you would find includes the size and type of the ad unit and the website the ad is pointing to (this would help you easily identify an inappropriate ad link and block it, more on this would be discussed on another post).

3. It gives you the ability to click on your ad without it counted as a spam click (Views and Clicks performed with the publisher tool does not generate any revenue).

3. It has an Ad details window where it provides you with full information about the ad selected and gives you the options of blocking the ad url or report a problem with the ad.

4. It gives you information of your most appearing ad channel or url .

How to click on Adsense ads with being banned

To install the toolbar follow these steps

1. Visit this Link and click the Add To Chrome button
How to prevent accidental adsense ads click

2. Depending on the speed of your internet network, the extension would take some seconds to download, it is less than 5mb in size.

3. In the dialog that appears, select Add Extension and the publisher toolbar extension would be added to your browser and it's iconHow to use adsense publisher toolbar to prevent invalid clickswould appear at the top right of your chrome browser.

4. Click on the icon and select the service you want to use the toolbar with, in this case you select Google Adsense and sign into your Google adsense account.

5. Make sure you grant the publisher toolbar access to your account by clicking Allow when prompted

6. Go to website where you have your ad code and click on the publisher toolbar icon and shift the Ads Overlay switch from Off to On, the switch should turn from red to green.
get information about adsense ad sizes, types and target url
Do this for all the websites your ad code is used.

7. Now you can now view your account and ads information by visiting your website and then click on the publisher toolbar icon, it would give you a list of the ad units currently showing on the page, their size, type and the website they are targeted, you can click on the website shown to view what your ad would display when clicked.

By using this toolbar you would no longer worry about invalid or spam clicks, you now have full control and information of your ads. I hope I've been able to solve a problem of yours with this post, Please don't just read and go, Comment and use the share button.
Thank you for reading as i expect to hear from you.



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